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Welcome to a New Caliber of Excellence in Imaging & Diagnosis

VivaScope® systems offer clinicians and researchers in the fields of medicine and product development the possibility of a real- time, noninvasive optical biopsy of the skin.

VivaScope® 1500 and VivaScope® 3000 systems are FDA 510(k) cleared and have become an integral part of many dermatology clinics and medical institutions for the diagnosis of skin cancers and diseases, and for the evaluation of wound-healing processes and treatment outcomes.

VivaScope® 1500 Multilaser systems are well suited for a wide variety of product development applications for skin care, and have been used by scientists world-wide for the evaluation of cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals for more than a decade.

Benefits of VivaScope® Systems:

•Quasi-histologic, cellular imaging comparable to histopathology

•Noninvasive, repeatable imaging; no tissue damage

•Skin tumor diagnosis with high sensitivity and specificity

•Real-time visualization of blood flow and inflammatory processes

•Therapeutic monitoring of the same area of skin over time

•Quantitative data for skin layer thickness and cell sizes

•FDA 510(k) cleared medical imaging technology