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Caliber I.D. - Media Coverage


July 2014

VivaScope featured on KNBC – TV News, Los Angeles

“High-Tech System Detects Skin Cancer Without Biopsy” The procedure also makes it easier for those who are hesitant about scarring, especially if the mole is in a sensitive area such as the face.

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May 2014

VivaScope Featured on WCVB, Boston, MA

"Optical biopsy diagnoses skin cancer without surgery"

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January 2014

VivaScope Featured on WTNH, New Haven, CT

"Non-Invasive Skin Cancer Detection"

January 2014

VivaScope Featured in Physicians News Digest

"Finally! A Painless Biopsy For Skin Cancer"

“Clinical diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers is still performed primarily by sight. Since even the most sophisticated eye is fallible, there is a chance that skin cancer may be visually diagnosed as benign, while conversely a benign mole might be unnecessarily biopsied. As reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 80 percent of all skin biopsies performed in primary care are benign.”

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November 2013

VivaScope featured in Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News 

"VivaScope Offers Noninvasive, Painless Approach to Biopsies"

“The VivaScope imaging procedure is designed to allow physicians to diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers at its earliest stage when it is most curable. The procedure captures high-resolution images of the skin, providing doctors with a cellular view at varying depths under the skin surface.”

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October 29, 2013

New technology performs skin biopsies without the cutting

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October 14, 2013

VivaScope featured in the Boston Globe

"Laser imaging device makes no-cut biopsies possible"

"Caliber’s machines use low-power laser beams that shine through the skin and reflect off subsurface tissue, illuminating the skin cells in question. With the company’s newest device, the VivaScope 3000, the patient experience is similar to that of having an ultrasound. The doctor — or even a technician — rolls the head of a hand-held wand over the skin, capturing still images which are then projected on a monitor."

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January 5, 2011

VivaScope Featured in Saturday Evening Post

"For the first time in my dermatology experience, I can see cellular details of disease versus normal tissue without cutting. I know when I must excise a lesion and when I can be confident in leaving one alone. Early detection is the key to management of skin cancer and this device is changing the way that we detect, follow, and manage the disease."

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Aug 15, 2010

"Brighton Medical Firm Lucid Boosts Revenue"

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"It's hard to say what the gains will be, though we know how many devices we have out there and how many times these devices will be used. Other companies with similar technology have increased their revenue by $100 million over time."

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July 1, 2010

"Melanoma Diagnosis, Treatment Improved with New Imaging"

Dermatology Times - technologies -

"Clinically, they're tough, and they can also be difficult dermoscopically. That's why we need tools such as RCM," says Dr. Harold Rabinovitz.

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May 1, 2010

"Noninvasive Diagnosis of Suspect Lesions Possible with Handheld Device"

"The VivaScope is not only helpful in the evaluation of cutaneous lesions such as melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers...ultimately assisting physicians in reaching an accurate diagnosis, which can lead to a quick and appropriate therapy"

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March 2010

"Medical Breakthoughs That Will Change Healthcare"

HealthLeaders Magazine

Lucid's VivaScope and VivaNet telepathology system are featured by Health Leaders Magazine as one of the medical breakthroughs that will change the delivery - and business - of healthcare.

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