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Clinical Solutions

Patient ImageCaliber I.D., the world leader in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy, pioneered its development to assist physicians in clinical assessment of the skin. VivaScope® confocal imagers provide dermatologists the highest resolution noninvasive means available today to display cellular resolution images of the skin. These images are useful in medical research and routine examination of the skin in clinical settings.

Using advanced laser technology, VivaScope imagers can produce optical images of skin lesions with incredible cellular resolution, enabling medical professionals to see cellular morphology — in real time, in living tissue.


Caliber I.D.'s VivaScope 1500The VivaScope 1500 makes it possible to capture confocal images that depict cellular structures of living tissue in real-time, without the need for complex and lengthy preparation protocols and without invasive surgical biopsies. The same area of interest can be captured by the integrated dermatoscopic camera and may be imaged repeatedly over time to access both clinical and sub-clinical changes.
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Caliber I.D.'s VivaScope 3000The VivaScope 3000 is the world’s first commercially available hand-held in vivo reflectance confocal microscope for skin imaging. This imaging tool simplifies examination of difficult-to-access regions of the skin, and is particularly useful for imaging facial lesions; all the while delivering the stable, repeatable, high quality cellular-resolution images that researchers and clinicians around the world have come to rely on.
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