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Caliber I.D. Mission Statement

Our mission

At Caliber I.D., we are acting on an ambitious strategy to establish ourselves as the leader in cellular resolution in vivo imaging.

Our Rapid Cell Imaging and Diagnosis (Rapid Cell ID) technology and VivaScope® line of cellular imaging products have the potential to influence all medical sectors and specialties in which biopsies are performed. Our Caliber I.D. VivaNet® telepathology platform links attending physicians with remote specialists, allowing near real-time collaborations between medical specialists—saving time, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.

Our strategy:
We initially targeted premier academic institutions in the field of dermatology to establish a solid base of clinical validation in that specialty. The resulting robust library of published clinical evidence supports wider use of the imaging technology.

Moving forward we are focused on:

  • Extending commercialization to cancer centers and community hospitals and clinics around the world
  • Building strong partnerships with highly experienced distribution channels in Europe, China, Australia and Brazil
  • Expanding a strong direct sales team.
  • Companies & research institutions doing skin care product development.

Convinced that each care specialty represented in hospitals is a springboard for growth, our R&D team continues to:

  • Adapt our core imaging technologies to fulfill physicians’ needs in other fields of medicine
  • Exploring the adaptation of the imaging technology to therapeutic technologies
  • Collaborate with leaders in other specialties such as neurology, head and neck, and gynecology, to build clinical data and accelerate commercialization